Sunday, October 28, 2007

Comments on Airport etiquette...

No-one enjoys the experience of waiting at an airport for their flight home after a holiday. We had waited for our transfer coach to Corfu Airport for almost an hour in a sleety rainstorm that made one wish for another mug of hot chocolate!

We excused the driver that one, as the weather was so foul, and the village was experiencing one if the (not infrequent) power cuts.

Once we arrived at Ioannis Kapodistrias, we were met by a rep from our Tour Operator (TO), who breezily informed us that we did know that our 2245hrs flight would be 3 hours late. This was bearing in mind we were due to have be collected from Kassiopi at 1840hrs. No, we replied, we did not know this....

Apparently, the bad weather that day had meant that a morning flight form Norwich had had to return to Brindisi in Italy to refuel, as landing had not been possible at Corfu. Obviously this had a knock-on effect on later flights, ending up with us.

I am sure it would not have been beyond the realms of possibility for the TO to have contacted us to advise us of this and allowed us to enjoy our last meal on the island in resort, rather than in the crowded and expensive airport cafeteria.

We finally boarded the aircraft about 0200hrs on Wednesday morning, Corfu time. There were several calls for two passengers who had checked in, but not boarded the aircraft. After some thirty minutes, the Captain informed us that there would be a further short delay whilst the missing passengers' luggage was located and removed from the aircraft. One poor Corfiot baggage handler did this all on his own, with the rain slashing down - the Captain said that he hoped their luggage would be left out in a large puddle.

Eventually, we took off for a totally uneventful flight back to Stansted, and arrived home in Wisbech about 0645hrs UK time, exhausted and ready for bed!

In these days of heightened security, I have nothing but praise for how the both the air and ground crew handled this incident. Passengers on the plane were muttering unhelpful comments abut taking off with the missing people's bags on board - I know it is highly unlikely that a tourist flight from a small airport on a Greek island would be a 'terror target', but I know I don't want to have bags without an owner on my flight!

The lack of consideration showed by the missing passengers was inexcusable - it wouldn't have taken much for them to contact the TO to let them know they would be on a different flight, but to leave their bags checked in? Words fail me.


Blogger mark said...

Hi my name is mark jacks and i live in the village of ano korakiana just a little way down from your house ,we also have the horse trekking stables just outside the village. Please get in touch when you are next out here by either email or calling at the stables , my girlfriend and i would like to meet you .many thanks mark

4:58 pm  
Anonymous Jimj40 said...

Hi, Becky.

When is the next instalment out?

We're almost double-neighbours - I live in S Lincs and also Kato Korakiana!

You can PM me on the Agni site, I only have one star so can only respond but can't send yet!

1:06 pm  
Anonymous Simon Baddeley said...

How about some more news Becky! It's ages since you last blogged.ivde Simon

8:19 am  
Blogger Sibadd said...

Us again Becky. We're just back from five weeks in Ano Korakiana. Your house looks very near completion from the outside. How are things? (3 October 2008) Best simon and Lin (in Birmingham)

7:40 am  
Blogger Bill said...

Yo Becks and Simon! Happy New Year to you. When are you next over? Bambers is still dishing up the best grub on the island and our 'other' cottage now has windows (well upstairs anyway) and a bed in it, so no excuse for Simon to stay sober!


4:58 pm  

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