Friday, November 10, 2006

Good News on the Builder Front!

This blog has been quiet for too long! Since my last entry, when our original builder had had to withdraw from the project, there has been a great deal going on behind the scenes.

Our excellent representative on Corfu has been working hard on our behalf; contacting a plethora of builders, trying to get us someone who shares our vision, but can accommodate our tight budget.

We visited Corfu in mid-October for some well-earned sunshine before winter set in, and to speak to our prospective builders.

Several hours were spent up at Ano Kato, speaking to both Greek and English builders, and after lengthy deliberations, it looks like we might j-u-s-t have found 'our Man'!

We've got a detailed quote, and are just in the process of deciding on the finer points of the proposal, then (hopefully) our Corfu house should start waking up from many years of sad decline.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

Thank you for posting your interesting blog about your new home in Corfu.

Like you and your husband, my wife and I have just purchased a home in Corfu and will be emigrating Sep 07. I hope you manage to find a suitable builder. There are some English guys that did a great job for me. I can put you in touch if you like. Just drop me an email to robDOTsherratt@gmailDOTcom (replace the DOTs with punctuation).

Best regards,
Rob and Carole

5:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
Good to read your story of building progress in Corfu. We are still struggling with our house in Afra but its coming together slowly. We have a number of roof tiles and old bricks going spare if you fancy swopping them for something or other.
Our next trip will be in October 08
so if your're around let us know.
All the best Liz and Dru

12:03 pm  

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