Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumnal Update

We have recently returned form our October visit to Corfu, for both a chance to catch some late-summer sunshine and to see the progress that has been made at Ano Kato.

The new 'old' roof looks superb, and is ready for the addition of a traditional style Corfiot chimney to go with the fireplace that our builder is going to construct in the enormous (10m x 5m) living area.

He has said that he will be using as much of the stone that has been salvaged from the original building - in fact the workshop at the side of the house is currently chock-a-block with chunks of stone ready for use elsewhere on the build.

Work has also commenced on our 'vothross' or septic tank; this is situated close to one of the orange trees in the garden; we ought to have a bumper crop of those in the next few years once the house is in use! I did at one point suggest that we might use it for a swimming pool once it was filled with some of the copious rainfall that fell whilst we were there...

Fittings for the bathroom, such as tiles, sanitary ware and taps have now been chosen, and we have decided ti invest in an Italian fitted kitchen with solid chestnut doors, and a travertine stone worktop. This is a lovely stone, neither a marble or a limestone, which we chose at one of the large 'Marmara' stores that proliferate on the island.

Our builder has promised that the house should be completed sometime next spring - we can't wait to see our house restored to some of her former glory!

The weather, however, was not as kind to us. Our first two days there were lovely - kind autumnal sunshine that warmed the bones and gladdened the heart. Then it all changed. Prolonged heavy rainstorms that caused road-wide rivers to cascade down the streets, soaking ones trouser bottoms and gouging mini-gorges in the as-yet unmetalled mountain tracks that still exist on Corfu. We were intrigued to see some of the mountain tops on Albania, just across the narrow Corfu Straits had had a dusting of snow on their peaks, a sure sign that winter is on its way....

Even so, we did see some beautiful rainbows and lightning, which as usual, made one thrill at the natural light shows caused by rain and sunshine!


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