Sunday, February 11, 2007

2007 Starts well at Ano Kato!

Our builder has been very busy since the start of the New Year, with his application for a 'Renovation Permit' being successful, allowing works to go ahead.

The hideous old 'chicken shack' at the rear of the house has now been demolished, which has greatly improved the aesthetics of the building!
Huge areas of old plaster have been hacked form the interior walls revealing interesting niches and other 'nooks and crannies' that will form useful features in the new house.
The internal ceilings have been removed with many smoke blackened timbers being removed, and judged as being past viable repair or reuse...
Luckily, this year, the Corfu winter has been relatively dry, as Ano Kato is now totally topless! All the old hand-made pantiles have been carefully removed, and stacked ready for reuse.
Finally, and most drastically, the end gable wall of the house has been demolished, and is now awaiting several truckloads of steel and concrete to consolidate and strengthen the whole structure.

Watch this space for further developments!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Becky

Have you seen this URL and is your house featured? Ours is not but there are excellent detailed maps of the village here:


Simon & Lin (208 Democracy Street, AK)

12:38 am  

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