Friday, July 07, 2006

Whats in a name?
When the house was advertised on the estate agents website, it was called 'Ano Kato House'. We didn't think any more of it until we were asked by one of the estate agents if we knew what it meant. Obviously we said that we didn't (our Greek is at the ordering a drink stage...).

Apparently 'ano kato' literally means 'up down' - the Greek version of 'upside down'. This seems a very apt name to keep for the house as we had already decided to have an upside down arrangement for the house, i.e. with the bedrooms downstairs, and the living rooms on the upper floor!

I have also been told that the name of the house is a play on words at several levels. Firstly, the village where it is located is called Ano Korakiana, the ‘Ano’ meaning ‘Upper’. Because the house is set below the main village road, it is regarded as being in the ‘Kato’ (lower) part of the settlement. So its location is ‘Upper - Lower’!


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